Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The purpose of this policy is to permit the schools of this County to expend funds for students, parents, teachers, and community recognition programs which may include plaques, pins, token retirement gifts and awards, meals, refreshments, and other amenities.

Schools may only use funds it generates through a fund-raising or donation-soliciting activity for these student, parent, teacher and community recognition programs. Prior to commencing the activity, the school shall:

 A.publicize the activity as intended for this purpose, and;

 B.designate for this purpose the funds generated.

The Board of Education hereby affirms that the expenses incurred as listed above do serve a valid and proper public purpose. However, under no circumstances will public funds be expended for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. The Board believes that the "public purpose" served is the promotion of education, rapport with the business community, community relations, and the encouragement of nonemployees to serve as volunteers, as well as furthering other legitimate interests.

West Virginia Code 18-5-13(a)(2)