Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Morgan County School System shall provide any and all textbooks and supplies that are deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of this school system, and are in fact an integral fundamental part of the elementary and/or secondary education, free of charge for students who are appropriately enrolled in the schools of this system.

Supplies shall include basic paper, basic writing utensils, and any other basic items that a student must have in order to participate in a curricular offering. The supplies required may vary from grade level to grade level and class to class and shall be determined by the school principal with the approval of the County Superintendent.

No child shall be denied participation in any class, nor otherwise disciplined, because his/her parents/guardians did not purchase the textbooks or supplies for the same.

In such cases, the following options shall be explored to provide the equipment to students in need:


 B.booster organizations;


 D.general revenue funds.

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WV Constitution, Article XII, Section 1

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