Morgan County Schools
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The Board of Education authorizes the Treasurer, Board President, and the Superintendent of Schools to prepare and utilize a facsimile signature, in lieu of their manual signature, and to affix such facsimile signature to any of the following instruments: checks; drafts; warrants; vouchers; or other instruments for the payment of money and necessary or desirable in connection with the withdrawal of Board funds for and on its behalf. The individuals specified above may affix their manual or facsimile signature to the instruments identified so long as they continue to act as such officers/employees. The use of facsimile signatures is expressly approved by the Board. Said checks, drafts, warrants, vouchers, or other instruments for the payment of money may be drawn or relate to the accounts of the Morgan County Board of Education with the various financial institutions (depositories/banks) with which the Morgan County Board of Education conducts business.

Multiple signatures are required for all transactions.

The Board directs that the financial institutions (depositories/banks), with which the Morgan County Board of Education does business, are authorized and requested to accept, honor, cash, pay or transfer, without limit as to the amount or without further inquiry, checks bearing the authorized signature(s) as provided by the immediately preceding paragraph whether tendered in payment of an individual obligation or deposited in the account of the Morgan County Board of Education. The Treasurer is directed to provide written notice of the adoption of any facsimile signature to the depository from which funds are to be withdrawn, which notice shall include a description of the device to be used, a specimen of such facsimile signature, and a copy of this policy. Prior to use of the facsimile signature, the written approval of such depository must be obtained.

Facsimile signature is defined to include, but is not limited to, the reproduction of any authorized signature by a copper plate or by a photographic, photostatic, or mechanical device. Facsimile signature does not authorize the use of a rubber stamp signature for any of the instruments detailed above.

In order to protect the Board and its employees from loss, damage or expense occasioned by the unauthorized use of a facsimile signature, the Board directs the Treasurer to procure for the Morgan County Schools and for the individuals identified above a surety bond in such amount as approved by its legal advisor.

The Superintendent, Treasurer and Board President are authorized, on behalf of the Board, to sign employment contracts, duly acted upon by the Board, by facsimile signature.

WV Code 18-9-3
West Virginia Board of Education Policy 8200 Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual