Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The purpose of this policy is to facilitate collaboration that will encourage capable students to assist with the sounding of Taps at military funerals honoring our veterans and, thereby, help them to develop a better understanding of the sacrifices, a respect for the commitment and an appreciation of the privileges that the men and women of the armed services have protected through their service.

The Superintendent shall, in collaboration with organizations and supporters of veterans, establish guidelines for the establishment of school programs that encourage capable students in grades six through twelve, inclusive, to sound Taps on a standard or valved bugle, trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn during military honors for funerals held in the County. The guidelines shall address notification of capable students, obtaining the consent of their parents or guardians for voluntary registry as a candidate able to sound Taps, assure that the distance from the student's residence to the location of the funeral is reasonable, credit toward community service or work based learning, recognition of participating students, and limits on the amount of regular classroom instruction that a student may miss to fulfill a community service or work based learning requirement or, if none, on the excused absences that the student may accrue for this activity.

The Board shall not be responsible for any costs associated with the program, including transportation to funerals and are not liable for student supervision while absent to participate in funerals.

W.V. Code 18-2E-8e