Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education acknowledges the usefulness of a system of computing grade point averages and class ranking for high school students, both to inform students of their relative academic placement among their peers and to provide students, prospective employers, and institutions of higher learning with a predictive device so that each student is more likely to be placed in an environment conducive to success.

The Board authorizes a system of class ranking, by grade point average, for students in grade(s) 9-12.

The grades of students transferring to the high school from a chartered school, private, parochial school, school operated by a religious order or other non-public school will be recognized; however, such students shall have no established class rank for purposes of graduation honors., such as Valedictorian, etc., until such time as they have completed three (3) semesters.

Students entering the high school from home-schooling shall have no established grade point average (GPA) or class rank for purposes of graduation honors

No student shall be eligible for graduation honors, such as Valedictorian, etc. unless they have been enrolled for three (3) consecutive semester(s) prior to the final semester utilized for purposes of determining such honors.