Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes the value to a student to participate in the interscholastic athletic program providing it does not interfere with his/her academic program and s/he meets all of the requirements of the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission.

 A.A student becomes immediately eligible, providing all other eligibility requirements are met, when parents make a bona fide change of residence to a new school zone. Determination of a bona fide change of residence depends upon the facts of each case.

 B.If a student transfers during the school year from a secondary school in one (1) zone to a secondary school in another zone, said student shall be ineligible for 365 days from date of enrollment unless the parents become residents of the zone to which the student transfers. Students transferring out of attendance zone shall immediately forfeit eligibility in the attendance zone unless exempted by Rule H and I below and Rule 127-2-7.2.8 and 127-2-7.2.9 respectively of the WVSSAC Rules and Regulations Handbook.

 C.Students who transfer during the school year to or from a member or non-member school shall be eligible for 365 days from date of enrollment unless the parents move from one (1) member school zone to another member school zone in conjunction with transfer of schools.

 D.If the transfer is from a non-member school to a member school in the zone where the student's parents reside, a student is eligible providing the:

  1.student is enrolling in a member school for the first time; and

  2.principal's of both non-member and member schools involved concur that undue influence is not involved with the transfer.

 E.A student may be transferred from one (1) attendance zone to another zone within the same county by the Board and maintain eligibility. The transfer must be initiated by Board personnel to fulfill certain special education program(s) not available in the attendance zone from which the student is transferred. Upon the completion of the special program, the student must return to the attendance zone of the student's residence.

 F.For the purpose of athletic eligibility, the Commission does not recognize emancipated status as relates to transfer except as might occur in marriage and relocation to another school zone.

 G.Notwithstanding any other provisions of WVSSAC rules and regulations, if a student transfers for athletic reasons, the student will be ineligible for 365 days from the date of enrollment.

 H.If a student is released and accepted by formal actions of county boards of education or similar governing bodies of a non-public school which have verified that such transfer is not for athletic purposes, said student will be granted immediate eligibility provided all other rules are met. The transfer must occur at the beginning of the 9th grade school year with the student enrolled on or before the eleventh instructional day of the beginning of the school year and provided that said student is residing with the parents. Once a student has been a member of a team that has participated in a scrimmage or contest, the student has established eligibility at that school.

 I.During the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grades, a student shall be entitled to one transfer back into the public member school located within the attendance zone where the student's parents residence is located regardless of from where the student is transferring. A student shall be entitled to transfer back to a non-public member school if said student had been enrolled in said non-public member school or non-public member feeder school the 365 days prior to enrollment in the 9th grade. Any student transferring under the provisions of this rule will not become eligible until the completion of the school year in which said transfer occurs. Eligibility will begin with the succeeding fall sports season. Transfer must be completed prior to the first day of school.

 J.The eligibility of a student whose parents are divorced or legally separated is determined by a court decree establishing residency with one (1) parent.

 K.After establishing initial residency with one (1) parent, all subsequent transfers will require a period of ineligibility for 365 days from date of enrollment unless a change of residency is decreed by the court.

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