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The Board of Education shall permit the enrollment of students from other WV counties in a school or program of this County, provided each enrollment is in accordance with laws and regulations of the State concerning intra-State student enrollment and transfer, the provisions of this policy, and the administrative guidelines established to implement this policy.

Transfers of students from one (1) county to another may be made by the county board of the county in which the student desiring to be transferred resides. The transfer shall be subject to the approval of both the board of the county in which the student resides and the board of the county to which the student wishes to transfer.

For purposes of net enrollment:

 A.whenever a student is transferred on a full-time basis from one (1) school district to another district pursuant to this policy, the county to which the student is transferred shall include such student in its net enrollment;

 B.whenever a student is transferred on a part-time basis from one (1) school district to another school district, the county in which the student is a bona fide resident shall count the student in its net enrollment.

If, after two (2) county boards have agreed to a transfer arrangement for a student, that student chooses to return to a school in his/her county of residence after the second month of any school year, the following shall apply:

 A.The county of residence may issue an invoice to the county from which the student transferred for the amount, determined on pro rata basis, that the county of residence otherwise would have received under the State Basic Foundation Program.

 B.The county from which the student transferred shall reimburse the county of residence for the amount of the invoice.

A parent or guardian of a student may appeal the refusal of the County Board to enter into an agreement to transfer or accept the transfer of the student by filing a Citizens Appeal. See Policy 9135 – Appeals Procedure for Citizens.

If a student is transferred on either a full-time or a part-time basis without the agreement of both boards by official action as reflected in the minutes of their respective meetings and if the student’s parent or guardian fails to appeal or loses the appeal, the student shall be counted only in the net enrollment of the county in which the student resides.


 A.Class/School Size
  The restrictions on the number of students in a class/school due to State law, or financial or operating conditions and County policy.

 B.County Student
  A student who resides in this County.

  A West Virginia student residing in a county other than Morgan County.

  Any one (1) of the specific course offerings of this County.

 E.Program Size
  The restrictions on a number of students in a program due to WV law and circumstances unique to that specific program, and/or financial or operating conditions of the County.

The Superintendent shall prepare guidelines for the implementation of this policy in ways that comply with relevant State laws and guidelines and establish procedures that provide for the following:

 A.Compliance with Federal and State discrimination laws.

 B.A student's application may be denied if the student is, at the time of application, expelled from any school.

 C.Application procedures including the criteria by which applications from intra-state students shall be reviewed and prioritized. County students and any intra-state students previously enrolled under the provisions of this policy shall be given priority.

 D.Communications with applicants and their parents concerning this policy and the County’s guidelines, including the timelines for application and notification of acceptance or rejection.

 E.Athletic eligibility complies with State regulations and the provisions set forth by the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission (WVSSAC).

 F.Any transportation provided by the County intra-state student takes place within established bus routes and bus stops within the County.

 G.Set County capacity limits by grade level, school building, and educational program.

The Board reserves the right to modify the conditions under which intra-state enrollment would continue for any particular program, classroom, or school.

WV Code 18-5-16 and 18-5-16a

Revised 8/7/12

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