Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


There shall be no vacation for any personnel employed on a twenty (20) day school month basis.

All personnel, certificated or non-certificated, who are employed for 261 days shall be designated as calendar month employees.

Each person, so employed shall work all the instructional days pursuant to the official school calendar plus other days of the fiscal year that are designated by the Board of Education. Exceptions to this policy shall be due only to vacation or personal leave.

Days the central office are to be closed, other than legal holidays, shall be designated by the Board and the Superintendent shall make this information available to each employee through memorandum or bulletin.

Each twelve (12) calendar month (261 days) employee shall be eligible for vacation days based upon the number of years of work experience in Morgan County according to the following scale.

First Year - The employee earns one (1) days per month of completed service with a maximum of ten (10) days to be earned within the employment term.*

Second Year - Same.

Third Year - Same.

Fourth Year - The employee earns one and one-half (1 1/2) days per month of completed service with a maximum of fifteen (15) days to be earned within the employment term.*

Fifth Year - Same.

Sixth Year - Same.

Seventh Year and thereafter - The employee earns two (2) days per month of completed service with a maximum of twenty (20) days to be earned within the employment term.*

For computer record-keeping purposes, the days will be reflected on the payroll as an advance with deductions being subtracted from the potential entitlement not to exceed the days earned per completed month of employment.

An employee whose initial service begins after July 1st or at such a time they cannot complete the 261 day employment term shall have their vacation benefits accrue at a rate of one (1) day per month of completed service to a maximum which will be prorated on the basis of the percentage of the twelve months being worked with the percentage of the ten (10) days this computed. When employed during a month, the greater part of the month must be worked to count as a completed month.

 A.Vacation shall not be taken in advance.

 B.Payment of salary in lieu of vacation time that is not used will not be permitted.

 C.Eligible employees will be given their choice of vacation time insofar as possible, subject to the approval of the Superintendent. However, the Superintendent shall coordinate the vacation schedule in such a way as to minimize any interruption of normal operation of the administrative offices.

 D.Accumulation of vacation time shall not exceed twenty (20) days for carry-over purposes.

 E.The Superintendent or his designated representative shall administer the vacation program and maintain appropriate records.

 F.If any employees terminates his/her service with the Board, s/he may take as terminal leave any accrued vacation not to exceed twenty (20) days.

 G.Requests for vacation must be made by completing the vacation request form at least two (2) weeks prior to the date the vacation is to start. A copy will be returned to the employee indicating approval or disapproval of the request.

 H.Upon approval and prior to taking the vacation, the employee shall report the vacation on the TSSI calling system.