Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The State of West Virginia, through the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA), shall offer all eligible service personnel staff members with the following benefits:



Hospital and Medical Care Benefits


Through a flexible benefits program, all service personnel shall have the opportunity to enroll in hospitalization, surgical, prescription drug, and other medical care benefits.



Life Insurance


A basic $10,000.00 decreasing term life insurance policy is provided at no additional cost if enrolled for health benefits. If an employee is not enrolled for health benefits, s/he may enroll for basic life insurance at no cost. Optional life insurance is available up to $500,000.00 with the cost based upon age. If an employee enrolls for more than $100,000.00, a statement of health must be completed and approved. Dependent life insurance is available for an employee’s spouse in amounts of $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 and child(ren) in amounts of $2,000.00 to $10,000.00.

The following are other benefits provided by the State of West Virginia:





The following days are designated by the State of West Virginia as holidays for school employees if the days are within their contract period: Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday, Memorial Day, and West Virginia Day.



Personal Leave


Full-time employees shall be eligible for personal leave equal to one and one-half (1 1/2) days per month, three (3) which may be taken without regard to the cause of absence. Unused leave shall be accumulative without limitation and shall be transferable within the State.



Outside of School Environment Days


Six (6) days shall be designated by the county board to be used by the employees outside the school environment.



Liability Coverage


The State Board of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM) shall provide appropriate professional or other liability insurance for the County Board of Education, teachers, supervisory and administrative staff members, service personnel, volunteers, County Superintendent of Schools and School Board members.


The insurance shall cover any claim, demand, action, suit, or judgment by reason of alleged negligence or other acts resulting in bodily injury or property damage to any person within or without any school building, if, at the time of the alleged injury, the teacher, supervisor, administrator, service personnel employee, County Superintendent, School Board member, or employee was acting in the discharge of his/her duties, within the scope of his/her office, position of employment, under the direction of the Board of Education or in an official capacity as a County Superintendent or as a School Board member.


The insurance coverage shall be in an amount to be determined by the BRIM, but in no event less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence.

The following benefits are provided by Morgan County:



Excess Liability Coverage


In addition to the liability insurance provided by the State, the County Board of Education shall purchase, through the Board of Risk and Insurance Management, excess coverage of at least $5,000,000 for each occurrence. The cost of this excess coverage will be paid by the County Board of Education. Any insurance purchased under this section shall be obtained from a company licensed to do business in this State.


The insurance policy shall include comprehensive coverage, personal injury coverage, malpractice coverage, corporal punishment coverage, legal liability coverage as well as a provision for the payment of the cost of attorney’s fees in connection with any claim, demand, action, suit or judgment arising from such alleged negligence or other act resulting in bodily injury under the conditions specified in this policy.


The County Superintendent and other school personnel shall be defended by the County Board or an insurer in the case of suit, unless the act or omission shall not have been within the course or scope of employment or official responsibility or was motivated by malicious or criminal intent.



Workers' Compensation


West Virginia State Law requires Workers' Compensation to be provided to all employees of the Board.





All regular service personnel employees are required to join the West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board. Individuals employed prior to July 1, 1991, become members of the Teachers’ Defined Benefit Plan referred to as Retire I. Six percent (6%) of their salary is deducted as the employee’s contribution to their retirement plan and is matched by the employer. Individuals employed on or after July 1, 1991, become members of the Teachers’ Defined Contribution Plan referred to as Retire II. Four and one-half percent (4 1/2%) of their salary is deducted as the employee’s contribution and matched with seven and one-half percent (7 1/2%) by the employer.


In accordance with regulations established by the Retirement Board, members of Retire I may switch to Retire II. For detailed information, the employee should contact the Retirement Board.



Leave Donation Program


In accordance with Leave Donation Program established by the County Board, employees are authorized to transfer accrued personal leave days to designated employees under certain conditions. This benefit provides an opportunity for employees who have exhausted available leave and who experience: a catastrophic medical emergency to obtain additional personal leave.



Personal Leave Bank


The Board has established a personal leave bank to which employees may contribute days of personal leave per school year. The bank is established jointly for both professional and school service personnel and is available to all school personnel. Such personal leave bank or banks shall be established and operated pursuant to guidelines adopted by the Board.



Flexible Spending Accounts


Through a cafeteria style flexible benefits plan accounts are available as an option for paying some medical, dental, vision, and child care costs with pre-tax dollars.





The Board has established a vacation policy for employees with a 261 day employment term.



Bonus for Unused Days of Personal Leave


The Board has established a program that awards employee bonuses for each unused day of personal leave accumulated by an employee during an employment term. The award of such bonuses shall be based upon guidelines adopted by the Board.

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Revised 8/3/10