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Schools exist to facilitate student learning, and an ongoing staff development program for all personnel is essential to enhancing student learning. Staff development should be a continuous, developmental process ultimately based on staff needs to meet county and state goals.

County Responsibility

This Board of Education, through its Superintendent, shall schedule annually at least eighteen (18) hours of staff development for service personnel. At least twelve (12) of the eighteen (18) hours must be scheduled prior to January 1st. Exceptions to the schedule may be granted by the county superintendent for innovative programs.

The Board of Education hereby establishes a Service Personnel Staff Development Council and the Superintendent shall take the necessary steps to implement a comprehensive system of staff development.

The County Board of Education shall make available an amount equal to one tenth (.1) of one percent (1%) of the amount provided in the basic foundation allowance to the Board, pursuant to §18-9A-5 and §18A-4-1, et seq., Code of West Virginia and shall credit such funds to an account to be used by the Council to fulfill its objectives. The county board of education shall retain final approval for all disbursements and may consider other funding sources.

Principles of Operation

The Board of Education shall incorporate the following components and governing principles of operation.

 A.All service personnel staff shall participate in at least eighteen (18) hours of job related staff development each year. Job related means that programs available to all service personnel are relevant to:

  1.their areas of assignment; and

  2.their job classification and job description.

 B.The Staff Development Program – to promote personal growth and lifelong learning for service personnel, the staff development activities should: based on predetermined needs of service personnel;

  2.reflect State and local board of education goals and policies;

  3.include activities which provide for individual as well as group needs;

  4.include individual, school-level and county-level learning opportunities; and

  5.include a systematic evaluation process.

General Implementation Process

 A.The County Superintendent or his/her designee shall hold an advisory, nonvoting role on the Service Personnel Staff Development Council.

 B.The Service Personnel Staff Development Council shall have final authority to propose staff development programs for their peers based upon rules established by statute.

 C.The Service Personnel Staff Development Council shall be comprised of two (2) employees from each category of employment: secretarial, custodial, maintenance, transportation, school lunch, and aides.

 D.Nominations of service personnel to serve on the county Service Personnel Staff Development Council may be submitted by six (6) groups identified in C, immediately above, to the Superintendent, who shall prepare and distribute ballots and tabulate the votes of the county’s service personnel voting on the persons nominated.

 E.Election to the Service Personnel Staff Development Council shall be made on a staggered three (3) year sequence.

 F.This county school system may elect to cooperate in the same staff development program with one (1) or more other school systems.

 G.The regional education service agency or Professional Development Center, at the direction of its Board of Directors, shall cooperate with the Service Personnel Staff Development Council.

 H.Any service personnel employee in concert with his/her immediate supervisor, may develop an individual staff development plan to be used in implementing his/her staff development activities. An employee’s performance evaluation must be used in this process. However, the employee’s evaluation remains confidential.

 I.The County Superintendent or his/her designee shall:

  1.supervise the development of staff development program objectives by the Service Personnel Staff Development Council;

  2.coordinate the implementation of the staff development plan;

  3.disseminate information concerning program objectives, location and time, prerequisites, and other pertinent information about staff development offerings to all service personnel in the county; and

  4.maintain records of enrollment, scheduling, and evaluation of each staff development activity.

 J.The proposed program for staff development shall be approved by this Board of Education prior to implementation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

 A.Monitoring of the policy shall be conducted via the State accreditation system.

 B.Every three (3) years the Service Personnel Staff Development Council shall evaluate the effectiveness of the staff development program and activities in meeting the needs of service personnel. For evaluation purposes, a staff development year shall be July 1st through June 30th.

West Virginia State Board of Education Policy 5500.02
WV Code 18A-3-9