Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education through the powers derived from the West Virginia Code, is responsible for the employment and discharge of all personnel. To carry out this responsibility, it delegates to the Superintendent the function of establishing and implementing a program of personnel assessment.

It is the purpose of the program of staff assessment to:

 A.strive for the improvement of the total County program;

 B.stress the importance of personal improvement on the part of individual professional staff members so that each student may be provided a quality education and/or service;

 C.ensure the continuous improvement of administrative and supervisory services provided service personnel staff members;

 D.establish a process of continuous and systematic service personnel staff member-evaluation.

The staff evaluation program shall aim at the early identification of specific areas in which the individual service personnel staff member needs help so that appropriate assistance may be provided. A supervisor offering suggestions for improvement to a service personnel staff member shall not release that service personnel staff member from the responsibility to improve. If a service personnel staff member, after receiving a reasonable degree of assistance, fails to perform his/her assigned responsibilities in a satisfactory manner, dismissal or non-renewal procedures may be invoked. In such an instance, all relative evaluation documents may be used in the proceedings.

All persons conducting evaluations shall receive training in completing evaluations, conducting observations and conferences, writing and monitoring improvement plans, and in management and evaluation skills.

In an effort to ensure that all employees have a full understanding of the evaluation policy and procedures, an evaluation orientation shall be convened at the beginning of the employment term. The orientation shall be held no later than September 30th. Employees shall be provided a copy of the evaluation instruments and procedures.

Evaluations shall be conducted of each service personnel staff member. A service personnel staff member shall be given a copy of any documents relating to his/her performance which are to be placed in the personnel file. The employee shall sign the evaluation form denoting the supervisor has reviewed the evaluation with the employee and the employee has received a copy. The signature does not imply concurrence with the findings. The employee also has the right to attach a statement to the evaluation.

Evaluations of administrators shall be conducted in accordance with State statute.

WV Code 18A-2-12, WV State Board of Education Policy 5330