Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The primary purpose of the evaluation is to provide information necessary to make an objective assessment of the performance of coaches and assistant coaches and to assure that quality coaching is provided to the student athlete.

A minimum of one (1) written evaluation per coach’s and assistant coach’s contract period is required each year.

Principals, assistant principals, or athletic directors who hold an administrative certificate according to West Virginia Code §18A-2-12 shall evaluate coaches and assistant coaches.

The principal, assistant principal or athletic director shall conduct observations and evaluations of head coaches. A minimum of two (2) observations is required for each evaluation.

The principal, assistant principal or athletic director with input from the head coach, shall conduct observations and evaluations of assistant coaches. A minimum of two (2) observations is required for each evaluation.

The principal, assistant principal or athletic director shall share the evaluation with the coach/assistant coach during a scheduled conference and within a four (4) week period at the conclusion of each sport’s season as defined by West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC).

The coaches and assistant coaches have the right to include a written statement as an addendum to the evaluation.

The coach and/or assistant coach shall sign the evaluation form denoting that the supervisor has reviewed the evaluation with the coach and the coach has received a copy. The signature shall not imply concurrence with the findings.

An improvement plan shall be developed by the principal, assistant principal or athletic director who holds an administrative certificate, when a coach’s performance is unsatisfactory in an area of the job description.

The improvement plan shall designate how the coach shall meet performance criteria. The improvement plan shall:

 A.identify the deficiency(ies);

 B.specify the corrective action to remediate the deficiencies;

 C.contain the time frame for monitoring and deadlines for meeting the criteria, and in no case shall an improvement plan be for more than one (1) semester in length; and

 D.describe the resources and assistance available to assist in correcting the deficiency(ies).

After a coach has successfully corrected deficiencies the coach must continue to meet standards.

A referral to an improvement team for a coach whose evaluation is unsatisfactory may occur when the supervisor determines s/he needs such assistance. The coach may request the assistance of an improvement team.

The improvement team shall be comprised of the coach’s immediate supervisor, one (1) additional administrator and one (1) coach in the same or related sport. The coach who will serve as a member of the improvement team shall be selected by the coach and approved by the county superintendent. The selection of the other members of the improvement team shall be based upon county administrative procedures.

The improvement team shall serve only as a resource to the immediate supervisor who shall retain authority for the evaluation.

The improvement team shall monitor the improvement plan and may:

 A.conduct observations and conferences;

 B.provide training to assist the coach in meeting the performance criteria outlined in the plan; and

 C.identify additional resources.

Release time may be provided for employees who serve on the improvement team.

In addition to established laws, rules, policies and regulations, job descriptions for coaching shall include the following responsibilities:

 A.communicating with parents and the educational community (Professional and Interpersonal Relations):

  1.cooperates with building principal,

  2.cooperates with athletic director,

  3.develops rapport with coaching staff within the school,

  4.organizes coaching staff,

  5.develops positive relationship with participants,

  6.develops positive relationship with student body,

  7.develops positive relationship with faculty,

  8.develops positive relationship with parents and community,

  9.develops positive relationship with game officials,

  10.develops positive relationship with news media,

  11.develops positive relationship with opponents,

  12.employs appropriate conduct during games,

  13.employs appropriate conduct during practices,

  14.attends league, conference and WVSSAC meetings,

  15.participates in activities that foster professional growth and development,

  16.motivates staff and players toward desired goals, and

  17.commands respect by example in appearance, manners, behavior and language.

 B.implementing fundamental sports skills and sports management systems (Coaching and Relates Areas):

  1.develops high caliber and quality instruction,

  2.teaches fundamental skills,

  3.handles athletic injuries,

  4.cares for equipment,

  5.supervises participants and disciplines teams appropriately,

  6.designs quality organization of practice sessions,

  7.designs pre-season planning,

  8.supervises managers and other support personnel,

  9.manages budget,

  10.follows purchasing procedures,

  11.initiates game organization skills,

  12.follows league, conference, and WVSSAC policies,

  13.devotes time and energy to coaching duties, and

  14.follows end of season procedures.

West Virginia Board of Education Policy 5310