Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Openings in established, existing or newly created positions shall be processed as follows:



The Board of Education shall post and date vacancy notices which shall be subject to the following:



The notices shall be posted in conspicuous working places including on any website maintained by or available for use by the Board for all service personnel to observe for at least five (5) working days. Notices may also be posted to the West Virginia Department of Education Job Bank Website.


However, should there be any discrepancy between or among the postings, the printed postings in the working places of service personnel employees shall remain the official posting to which all applicants must comply.



The notice shall be posted within twenty (20) working days of the position openings and shall include the job description. The Board shall not declare a position vacant and post a job opening sooner than ten (10) days following the death of an individual employed in that position.



After the five (5) day minimum posting period all vacancies shall be filled within twenty (20) working days from the posting date notice. The Board shall notify any person who has applied for a job posted pursuant to WV Code 18A-4-8b of the status of his/her application as soon as possible after the Board makes a hiring decision regarding the posted position.



Postings for vacancies made pursuant to this section shall be written so as to ensure that the largest possible pool of qualified applicants may apply.



Job postings may not require criteria which are not necessary for the successful performance of the job and may not be written with the intent to favor a specific applicant.



Nothing provided herein shall prevent the Board from eliminating a position due to lack of need.



Service employees who have been placed on the preferred recall list shall be provided with notice by certified mail to their last known address of all vacancies. It shall be the duty of each service personnel on the preferred recall list to notify the Board of any change in address. Any employee failing in this duty shall be notified by certified mail to his/her last known address that they will be removed from the preferred recall list unless good cause is shown, within thirty (30) days, as to why they should not be removed from the preferred recall list. If good cause is not shown within the prescribed time, the Superintendent shall remove the employee from the recall list. If an employee accepts full-time employment with another County Board of Education s/he shall be removed from the preferred recall list. The refusal of an employee on the preferred recall list to accept an offered position shall be grounds for removal from the preferred recall list unless the refusal is for reasons deemed compelling.

WV Code 18A-4-7a, 18A-4-21