Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Before entering upon their duties, service personnel shall execute with the Board of Education a written contract on a form prescribed by State law.

Each contract of employment shall be designated as a probationary or continuing contract. The employment of service personnel shall be made a matter of minute record. The employee shall return the contract of employment to the County Board of Education within thirty (30) days after receipt or otherwise s/he shall forfeit his/her right to employment.

After three (3) years of acceptable employment, each service personnel employee who enters into a new contract of employment with the Board shall be granted continuing contract status.

A service personnel employee holding continuing contract status with another county shall be granted continuing contract status with this Board upon completion of one (1) year of acceptable employment if such employment is during the next succeeding school year or immediately following an approved leave of absence extending no more than one (1) year. "Acceptable employment" shall mean receiving a satisfactory evaluation at the conclusion of the school year.

WV Code 18A-2-5, 18A-2-6