Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies

4120.10 - JOB SHARING

The Morgan County Board of Education recognizes the value to the County to obtain the services of quality staff members who may not be available on a full-time basis but wish to offer their knowledge and skills part-time through a job-sharing process.

The County will consider job share requests only if the cost (including benefits) of employing two (2) or more staff members does not exceed the cost of employing one (1) full-time staff member.


"Job-Sharing arrangement" means a formal, written agreement voluntarily entered into by a County Board with two (2) or more of its service personnel employees who wish to divide between them the duties and responsibilities of one (1) authorized full-time position.


The following provisions shall apply to enter into job-sharing arrangements with its employees:

 A.A job-sharing arrangement shall meet all the requirements relating to posting, qualifications and seniority as established by §18A-4-1, Code of West Virginia.

 B.A County Board which enters into a job-sharing arrangement in which two (2) or more employees voluntarily share an authorized full-time position shall provide the mutually agreed upon employee coverage but shall not offer insurance coverage to more than one (1) of the job-sharing employees, including any group plan or group plans available under the State Public Employees Insurance Act.

 C.Each job-sharing agreement shall be in writing on a form prescribed and furnished by the County Board. The agreement shall designate specifically one (1) employee only who is entitled to the insurance coverage. Any employee who is not so designated is not eligible for State public employees’ insurance coverage regardless of the number of hours s/he works.

 D.All employees involved in the job-sharing agreement meet the requirements of subdivision (3), section two [§ 5-16-2], article sixteen, chapter five of the Code of West Virginia, including, but not limited to, the requirement that the employee must work at least one- third (1/3) of the time required for a full-time employee.

 E.When entering into a job-sharing agreement, the County Board and the employees involved in the job-sharing agreement shall consider issues such as retirement benefits, termination of the job-sharing agreement and any other issue the parties to the agreement consider appropriate. Any provision in the agreement relating to retirement benefits shall not cause any cost to be incurred by the retirement system that is more than the cost that would be incurred if a single employee were filling the position.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to create a job-sharing program provided it does not impact adversely on the County or any current staff member.

18-5-13(t), Code of West Virginia