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The Board of Education is a policy making body and its individual members do not have authority to direct the day-to-day operations of the County or its employees. Nevertheless, the Board believes that open channels of communication between itself and the staff will benefit the County. The preferred line of official County communication should, however, be through the Superintendent.

 A.Staff Communications to the Board
  All communications regarding the official business of the County from staff members to the Board or its committees should be preferably submitted through the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall forward such communications received from staff members to the Board. This communication protocol is not intended to deny any staff member his/her constitutional right of free speech or the right to appeal to or otherwise address the Board on important matters through established procedures.

 B.Board Communications to Staff
  All official communications, policies, and directives of the Board that would be of interest and concern to the staff will generally be communicated through the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall also keep staff members informed of the Board's concerns, and actions.

 C.Social Interaction
  Both staff and Board members share an interest in the schools and in education generally, and it is to be expected that when they interact at social affairs and other functions, they will informally discuss such matters as educational trends, issues, and innovations, and general activities of the County. However, since Board members are not authorized to act on behalf of the Board unless by quorum, in open public session, or when specifically vested with such authority, , it will be considered to be unacceptable conduct for individual Board members to discuss with members of the staff personnel grievances, or other complaints if procedures to seek remedy for such grievances or complaints have been established in local Board policy, State Board policy, or State code.

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McComas v. Board of Education, 197 W. Va. 188, 475 S.E. 2d 280 (1996)

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