Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies



 A.A professional employee shall begin to accrue seniority upon commencement of the employee’s duties.

 B.An employee shall receive seniority credit for each day the employee is professionally employed regardless of whether the employee receives pay for that day except that no employee shall receive seniority credit for any day the employee is suspended without pay pursuant to WV 18A-2-8. An employee who is on an approved leave of absence shall accrue seniority during the period of time that the employee is on the approved leave of absence.

 C.Any professional employee whose employment with a county board of education is terminated either voluntarily or through a reduction-in-force shall, upon reemployment with the same board of education in a regular full-time position, receive credit for all seniority previously accumulated with the Board of Education at the date the employee’s employment was terminated.

 D.Any professional employee whose employment has been terminated through reduction in force and whose name is on the preferred recall list shall retain all accumulated seniority for the purpose of seeking reemployment with the county from which s/he was terminated.

 E.Any professional employee employed for a full employment term but in a part-time position shall receive seniority credit for each day of employment prorated to the proportion of a full employment day the employee is required to work. Should a part-time position be scheduled for work on less than five (5) days per week, seniority shall be pro-rated in relation to the weekly schedule, provided that nothing herein allows a regular full-time employee to be credited with less than a full day of seniority credit for each day the employee is employed by the Board, provided, however, that this calculation of seniority for part-time professional personnel is prospective and does not reduce any seniority credit accumulated by any employee prior to May 26, 1993. For the purposes of this policy a part-time employee shall be defined as an employee who is employed less than three 3 and one-half (3 ½) hours per day or less than two and one-half (2 ½) days per week.

 F.When filling guidance counselor positions seniority shall be calculated on the basis of experience in the relevant grade levels of the certification required.

 G.Seniority earned as a substitute prior to August 31, 1990 shall be included within the calculation of seniority.

 H.A random selection system shall be used to determine the priority if two (2) or more employees who accumulate identical seniority. The random selection shall be performed by placing numbered pieces of paper equal to the number of employees with identical seniority in a container. The employees will draw a number from the container which will determine their seniority.

 I.The Board shall annually on the first day of July publish a list of all professional personnel employed, indicating areas of certification and seniority. It is the responsibility of all professional employees to verify the accuracy of the published information and to request any corrections. Erroneous information will be promptly corrected. However, personnel decisions, relying on erroneous information, will not be rescinded on behalf of an employee who failed to provide notification of erroneous information in a timely manner.

WV Code 18A-4-7a, 18A-4-7b