Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Every teacher who is employed for a period of time more than one-half (1/2) class periods of the regular school day shall be provided a paid daily lunch recess of not less than thirty (30) consecutive minutes. Teachers shall not be assigned any responsibilities during this recess. The duty free recess is included in the number of hours worked and the Board may not increase the number of hours to be worked by a teacher as a result of such employee being granted a recess.

A teacher may exchange his/her lunch recess for any compensation or benefit mutually agreed upon by the employee and the Superintendent of Schools or his/her agent. The teacher and the Superintendent or his/her agent may not agree to terms which are different from those available to any other teacher granted rights within the individual school or to terms which in any way discriminate among such teachers within the individual school. The agreement shall be in written form, dated and signed by the employee/teacher and the Superintendent.

WV Code 18A-4-14