Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


All classroom teachers will be assigned appropriate starting and dismissal times by the principal or chief administrator of the school, provided that their total regular workday will be no longer than eight (8) hours, including the one half hour duty free lunch period, homeroom, class changes, planning periods and staff development. Teachers shall have the right to leave the building during their lunch period provided they notify the office when leaving and upon returning. A teacher may exchange his/her lunch recess for any compensation or benefit mutually agreed upon by the employee and the Superintendent of Schools or his/her agent. The teacher and the Superintendent or his/her agent may not agree to terms which are different from those available to any other teacher granted rights within the individual school or to terms which in any way discriminate among such teachers within the individual school. The agreement shall be in writing.

Each classroom teacher shall be provided at least one (1) period of unassigned duties during the student's day for preparation. The period shall coincide in length with the regular class period.

W.Va. Code St. R. 126-42-5.81