Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education encourages opportunities for professional staff members to develop increased competence, beyond that which they may attain through the performance of their assigned duties through attendance at professional meetings.

For purposes of this policy, a professional meeting shall be defined as

 A.any meeting that is related to the activities, duties, or responsibilities of professional staff members as determined by the Superintendent.

 B.a meeting through which direct value can be derived for the person in attendance for later use in the performance of County duties.

Professional educators serving as mentor teachers, serving on State and County professional staff development councils, serving on school curriculum teams, and serving on professional support teams will be granted professional time, if required for performance of their duties during the instructional day, or extra duty compensation, if required at other times. Necessary expenses actually incurred in attending the meetings will be reimbursed by the Board.

Coverage of professional personnelís regular duties during release time may be provided through the use of paraprofessional aides, substitutes, and other methods to avoid the interruption of instruction.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines to implement this policy.

WV Code 18A-5-4