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An educator may apply for tuition reimbursement under the following criteria:



holds either a valid West Virginia certificate or first class permit for full-time employment and is seeking an additional endorsement in a shortage area, and either resides in the State or is employed regularly for instructional purposes in a public school in the state; or



is seeking certification renewal, and has a continuing contract with a county board.

Reimbursement is dependent upon the amount of legislative funding granted.

Reimbursement is limited to the cost of tuition, registration and other required fees only for appropriate college or university coursework used for license renewal or for an additional endorsement in a verified shortage subject area. The term "fee" refers to any mandatory cost associated with tuition, as assessed by the college or university, excluding payment for books and supplies.

Reimbursement for an educator who has prior approval to attend an out-of-state institution of higher education as described in W.Va. Code 18A-3-3a(d)(2), or a private institution of higher education may not exceed the amount of the highest corresponding tuition charged at a West Virginia state-supported college or university. An educator may be reimbursed for an unlimited number of hours when working on an additional endorsement in a verified shortage area. The educator must have completed the appropriate college or university coursework with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Approved applications are batch processed in order by date received in the Office of Professional Preparation until all tuition reimbursement funds are utilized for the fiscal year.

The schedule for application processing will follow the West Virginia college and university term schedule.

A request for tuition reimbursement must be received by WVDE no later than June 15th for course work completed during the current fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th).

Title I Teachers

Title I teachers of core academic subjects may be reimbursed for tuition for course work to become highly qualified under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) to teach those core academic subjects. The Title I five percent (5%) set aside funds must be utilized to ensure that all Title I teachers of core academic subjects meet the highly qualified standard (i.e., all teachers in a school-wide program and those paid with Title I funds in a targeted assistance program). After those teachers meet the requirements, the County may use any remaining portion of the five percent (5%) set aside for teachers of core academic subjects in a targeted assistance school who are not paid with Title I funds. At no time may these five percent (5%) set aside funds be used for any teachers in schools that do not receive Title I allocations. To avoid a supplant issue, Title I funds may be spent for tuition reimbursement only after teachers apply for and are denied funding from the Office of Professional Preparation, WVDE, because of a lack of funds.

Title II funds may be used to pay tuition reimbursement only after teachers apply for and are denied funding from the Office of Professional Preparation, WVDE, because of a lack of funds, or in the case of Title I Schools, only after the County Title I annual five percent (5%) set aside fund is exhausted and there still exists a need for tuition reimbursement.

County Reimbursement



All courses for which reimbursement is sought must be approved by the Superintendent prior to enrollment, and must be directly related to education. Such directly related courses for an approved Masters degree program, or courses otherwise directly related to improvement in professional performance and/or maintenance of skills and approved by the Superintendent.



Tuition reimbursement as provided in this policy shall not be included in salary, but shall be paid in October, March, and July upon receipt by the District of a transcript evidencing successful completion of the course with a grade of B, or its equivalent or better.



Reimbursement will not exceed eighty percent (80%) of the average resident cost per graduate hour charged by West Virginia University or Marshall University.



Reimbursement for any one individual is limited to a maximum of six (6) credits per fiscal year. Any individual who has received a reimbursement from Morgan County Schools for six (6) credits during any one fiscal year shall be ineligible to receive further reimbursement in that fiscal year unless prior written approval of such additional reimbursement is granted by the Superintendent and the Board. Tuition reimbursement will be available on a first come first serve basis, until funds have been exhausted.



Should an employee choose to leave the system within the fiscal year during which courses are taken, reimbursement will be withdrawn.



All applicants should submit requests to the State prior to submitting to the county for reimbursement.

W.Va. Code 18A-3-3a
The No Child Left Behind Act
West Virginia State Board of Education policy 5202

Revised 12/9/14

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