Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


All professional personnel with less than three (3) years of experience shall hold a probationary contract.

The Superintendent at a meeting of the Board on or before March 15th of each year shall provide in writing to the Board a list of all probationary teachers that s/he recommends to be rehired for the next ensuing school year. The Board shall act upon the Superintendentís recommendations at that meeting in accordance with W. Va. Code 18A-2-4. Any probationary teacher or other probationary employee who is not rehired by the Board at that meeting shall be notified in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, to such personís last known address within ten (10) days following said Board meeting, of not having been rehired or not having been recommended for rehiring.

Any probationary teacher who receives notice that s/he has not been recommended for rehiring or other probationary employee who has not been reemployed may within ten (10) days after receiving the written notice request a statement of the reasons for not having been rehired and may request a hearing before the Board. Such hearing shall be held at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting or a special meeting of the Board called within thirty (30) days of the request for hearing. At the hearing, the reasons for the nonrehiring must be shown.

W.Va. Code 18A-2-8a

Revised 6/1/10