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The purpose of this policy, as recommended by the Superintendent, is to provide for the employment of retired teachers as substitutes on an expanded basis in areas of critical need and shortage.

The Board of Education hereby adopts the definition of "area of critical need and shortage" set forth in 18A-2-3, Code of West Virginia, as follows: "Area of critical need and shortage" means an area of certification and training in which the number of available substitute teachers in the County who hold certification and training in that area and who are not retired is insufficient to meet the projected need for substitute teachers.

The Board additionally finds and determines that:

 A.there presently exists within Morgan County a critical need for substitute teachers in all  areas of certification.

 B.and that, there is also a shortage of available certified substitute teachers, who are not retired, available to cover these areas of critical need.

Accordingly, the Board hereby authorizes the employment of retired teachers as substitute teachers during the 2010 - 2011 school year on an expanded basis in those areas of critical need and shortage noted above as is recommended by the Superintendent. In no case shall a retired teacher be employed where there is available for employment another teacher holding certification and training in the area of need who is not retired and who will accept the substitute assignment.

This policy shall be effective upon approval by the State Board for one (1) year only, subject to annual review by the Board and re-approval by the State Board.

Prior to employment of a substitute teacher beyond the post-retirement employment limitations established by the consolidated public retirement board, the Superintendent shall submit to the consolidated public retirement board, in a form approved by the retirement board, an affidavit, signed by the Superintendent, stating the name of this Board, the fact that this policy has been adopted for the purpose of employing retired teachers as substitutes to address areas of critical need and shortage and the name or names of the person or persons to be employed pursuant to the policy.

When a retired teacher is employed as a substitute to fill a vacant position, the Board shall continue to post the vacant position until it is filled with a regularly employed teacher.

The Superintendent shall forward a copy of this policy annually to the State Superintendent of Schools for approval by the State Board of Education prior to employment of retired teachers on an expanded basis as substitutes in areas of critical need and shortage.

Every contract of employment for such retired teachers to be employed for periods beyond the post-retirement employment limitation established by the consolidated public retirement board shall include therein the following information:


Any person who retires and begins work as a substitute teacher within the same employment term shall lose those retirement benefits attributed to the annuity reserve, effective from the first day of employment as a retiree substitute in that employment term and ending with the month following the date the retiree ceases to perform service as a substitute.


Retired teachers employed to perform expanded substitute service provided in this policy, are considered day-to-day, temporary, part-time employees. The substitutes are not eligible for additional pension or other benefits paid to regularly employed employees and shall not accrue seniority.

The W. Va. Code that authorizes this policy is scheduled to expire June 10, 2011 unless extended by the legislature; therefore, this policy shall also expire on that date.

W. Va. Code 18A-2-3 and 18-7A-38

Revised 4/5/11