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The Board of Education may find it necessary to employ personnel for extra-curricular assignments. Extra-curricular duties shall mean, but not be limited to, any activities that occur at times other than regularly scheduled working hours, which include the instructing, coaching, chaperoning, escorting, providing support services or caring for the needs of students, and which occur on a regularly scheduled basis.

The assignment of teachers to extra-curricular assignments shall be made only by mutual agreement of the employee and the Superintendent, or designated representative, subject to Board approval.

The employee and the Superintendent, or a designated representative, subject to Board approval, shall mutually agree upon the maximum number of hours of extra-curricular assignment in each school year for each extra-curricular assignment.

The terms and conditions of the agreement between the employee and the Board shall be in writing and signed by both parties.

An employee’s contract of employment shall be separate from the extra-curricular assignment agreement and shall not be conditioned upon the employee’s acceptance or continuance of any extra-curricular assignment proposed by the Superintendent, a designated representative, or the Board.

Within the category of other certificates and permits, the State Superintendent may issue certificates for persons to serve in the public schools as athletic coaches or other extra-curricular activities coaches whose duties may include the supervision of students, subject to the following limitations:

 A.such person shall be employed under a contract with the County Board of Education which specifies the duties to be performed, which specifies a rate of pay equivalent to the rate of pay for professional educators in the county who accept similar duties as extra-curricular assignments and which provides for liability insurance associated with the activity
  Such person shall not be considered employees of the Board for salary and benefit purposes other than as specified in the contract.

 B.such person completes an orientation program designed and approved in accordance with State Board rules

This policy does not preclude the Board from entering into an extra-curricular coaching assignment agreement with an individual employed by another county’s board of education provided both county boards of education agree to the proposed arrangement.

The Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines to Implement this policy.

WV Code 18A-4-16,18A-3-2a
West Virginia Board of Education policy 5202

Revised 3/21/17

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