Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Professional personnel may be employed to fill a long-term substitute assignment which includes the position of a regular employee who is on an approved unpaid leave pursuant to Morgan County Board of Education Policy with a duration (or anticipated duration) of thirty (30) or more days OR a vacant position until such time that the vacant position is filled by a regular employee.

Long-term substitutes shall be assigned (after consultation with the principal) by the Director of Personnel subject to employment in the long-term assignment by the Board. The Director of Personnel shall enter the substitute into the TSSI system after employment by the Board.

An employee employed to fill a long-term substitute assignment shall be eligible for the following salary/benefits effective on the beginning date of assignment in the long-term position (retired employees shall be eligible for only letters A and B):

 A.Salary based on degree level and experience in accordance with the Morgan County professional salary schedule.

 B.Salary based on the number of days remaining in the 200 day school calendar or until the ending date of the long-term assignment (including regular work days, snow days, legal holidays).

 C.Health insurance benefits as provided by the State of West Virginia in accordance with PEIA regulations and West Virginia Code 18A-1-1(l) and 5-16-2(3)

 D.Personal leave benefits in accordance with WV Code 18A-4-10 and Morgan County Board of Education Policy.

 E.Dental and vision insurance, disability insurance, and tuition reimbursement benefits in accordance with Morgan County Board of Education and carrier regulations.

 F.Experience credit pursuant to WV Code 18A-4-1(1) and State policy.

 G.Substitute seniority credit pursuant to WV Code 18A-4-7A(g).

The salary/benefit shall continue throughout the duration of the long-term employment until either the return of the regular employee to the position, the employment of a full-time employee in the vacant position, the end of the school year, or discharge or transfer from the position pursuant to the WV Code 18A-2-7 and 18A-2-8.

NOTE: Retirement benefits are not available to professional personnel employed as long-term substitutes.