Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The County Board of Education may employ any certified teacher as teachers for the summer school program. All summer school positions available shall be posted and filled according to law.

Summer school positions for professional personnel shall be filled based on certification and length of time the professional has been employed in the Board's summer school program. A professional educator who is currently employed by the County Board shall be given employment preference over applicants who are not current employees. In the event that no employee who has been previously employed in the summer school program holds a valid certification or licensure, the Board shall fill the position as a classroom teaching position in accordance with 18A-4-7a.

Certified teachers employed by the Board to teach in the summer school program shall be paid an amount to be determined by the Board and shall enter into a contract of employment in such form as is prescribed by the Board. Teachers who teach summer courses of instruction which are offered for credit and which are taught during the regular school year shall be paid at the same daily rate they would receive if paid in accordance with the then current minimum monthly salary in effect for teachers in that county.

If a county board reduces in force the number of employees to be employed in a particular summer program from the number employed in that position in previous summers, the reductions in force and priority in reemployment to that summer position shall be based upon the length of service time in the particular summer program.

A candidate's intentional misstatement of fact material to his/her qualifications for employment or the determination of his/her salary will be considered by the Board to constitute grounds for dismissal.

WV Code 18-5-39, and 18A-4-7c