Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education may conduct a summer program of academic instruction for resident students of this County subject to approval of the West Virginia Board of Education.

Summer school instruction shall be designed to provide opportunities for students to:

 A.repeat classes failed in grades 9-12;

 B.repeat classes failed prior to grade 9; earn additional credit toward graduation;

 D.enrich a scholastic program;


 F.remedial instruction;

 G.accelerated instruction.

The Board shall annually approve a summer school program and submit the same to the State Board for approval. In order to support such a program of summer instruction, the Board will:

 A.employ professional staff;

 B.employ school service personnel to perform related duties outside the regular school term;

 C.make available school facilities as required.

Tuition may be charged to all students. The tuition may not exceed in any case the actual cost of operation of the summer school program, provided, that any deserving student whose parents/guardians, in the judgement of the Board, are unable to pay the tuition, may attend the summer school program at a reduced charge or without charge.

With regard to transportation, the Board may provide transportation to-from designated stops.

WV. Code 18-5-39
State Board policy 2510 and 4373

Revised 8/7/12

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