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The Board of Education shall offer a program of driver education. A driver education course shall be made available to all secondary students without charge to students. The course may be offered in summer school in addition to the regular instructional term.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that every secondary school student has the opportunity, at or about the time s/he reaches licensing age but prior to graduation, to enroll in a course of driver education designed to train him/her to drive skillfully and safely under all traffic and roadway conditions and circumstances. If a student has successfully completed a similar course in a secondary school of another state or in a commercial driving school or class and the course is accepted by the State Board as adequately meeting and complying with the course standards established by the State Board, then the requirements for offering the opportunity for that student to enroll in a driver education course has been fulfilled.

If there are not sufficient driver education courses available to meet all requests for the course, the Board shall act as quickly as possible to make sufficient courses available to fill those requests.

The Board, at its own discretion, may use either dealer loaned or leased vehicles or vehicles it has purchased.

Dealer loaned or leased vehicles shall be used only in compliance with the terms of a contract between the Board and the car dealer from which the vehicle(s) was acquired. Dealer loaned or leased vehicles shall be used for driver education purposes only.

All vehicles, while in use for driver education shall be clearly marked indicating that the car is being used for driver education and/or being operated by a student. Such identification must be installed in such a manner as to be visible to other drivers from all directions.

Board owned driver education vehicles may be used for purposes in addition to driver education.

If the vehicles are available for additional purposes, such vehicles may be used at times not in conflict with the teaching of driver education and for school or county business.

Only County personnel shall be allowed to operate Board owned vehicles.

Any identification on the car indicating "student driver" or "Driver Education" or similar designation shall be removed or covered prior to use for purposes other than driver education.

West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2422.2 section 15
WV Code 18-6-1, et seq.

Revised 12/9/14

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