Morgan County Schools
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The goal of this policy is to assist in the protection of students by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid behaviors that will put them at risk of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

All public schools containing any grades six through twelve must teach health education which includes instruction in the prevention, transmission and spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Inclusion of AIDS education in curricular areas such as science, social studies and developmental guidance is warranted to assure total understanding of the disease and its consequences. West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2520.5, Health Content Standards and Objectives constitutes the course curriculum requirements. Materials used, including textbooks, should be aligned with the content standards.

An educational inservice on the prevention, transmission and treatment of current communicable diseases shall include, but not limited to, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), shall be provided to all school personnel every two (2) years by the County Board of Education, as specified in W. Va. Code 18-2-9 and 18-5-15d.

The District shall assure that AIDS education is taught by qualified personnel who periodically participate in staff development activities that will provide current information related to AIDS education. The District must also assure the program is comprehensive and provides not only knowledge about the disease, but also has a focus on behaviors and skills to prevent exposure to the virus including abstinence.

The District must notify parents/guardians that they have the right to attend staff development regarding AIDS and other STDs, examine course curriculum requirements and curricular materials and exempt their child from AIDS and other STD instruction, if they deem it advisable. The parent/guardian must give written notice to the principal exempting their child from AIDS other STD instruction on a form developed by the District. The form shall include: class and/or other assignments from which student will be excused;

 B.information that clarifies that an alternative assignment will be given;

 C.information that indicates that an annual review of materials and requests for exclusion are necessary.

Once the parents' request has been received, it is the responsibility of the principal to communicate this information to all appropriate personnel. The classroom teacher and other personnel are responsible for assuring that the parents' request is honored.

Failure to comply with components of this policy regarding exclusion of students from AIDS and other STD instruction may result in discipline.

18-2-9 and 18-5-15d, Code of West Virginia
State Board Policy 2423