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The Board of Education shall provide home/hospital instruction to students who are temporarily unable to attend classes for a period that has lasted or will last for more than three (3) consecutive weeks or more due to an injury or illness as certified in writing by a licensed physician who specializes in the health condition that may temporarily confine a student to home or a hospital.

Written documentation of the medical condition shall be provided by a licensed physician which written documentation shall include the:



specific reasons and period of time that the student must remain at home or in the hospital; and



criteria or conditions under which the student will return to school and the expected date of return.

Applications must be approved by the Director of Special Services.

A written statement by a licensed physician who specializes in the health condition of the student must be resubmitted at least every three (3) months if a student's temporary home/hospital instruction is prolonged. The Board may require that the parent/guardian obtain an opinion from a second licensed physician who specializes in the health condition of the student at the expense of the Board.

Home/Hospital services must be designed to provide the student adequate opportunity to continue learning toward mastery of grade level content standards and objectives while they are temporarily confined to home or a hospital. These services may not replace full time instruction on an ongoing basis. The expectation is that students will return to the regular classroom. The schedule for home/hospital services must include adequate instructional time and be provided at a location determined by the County (not necessarily the student's home) when a responsible adult in addition to the teacher is present.

Since home/hospital services are temporary in nature, the home/hospital teachers are responsible for facilitating instruction only for approved content standards and objectives for the core courses (i.e., English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies). The home/hospital services are guided by the student's classroom teacher(s), consequently, the home/hospital teacher must be in regular contact with the classroom teacher(s) to:



secure and understand units/lessons, instructional plans and instructional, resources (including approved online and virtual options); and



establish procedures for the collection and return of student work to the classroom teacher(s) for feedback assessment.

The weekly instruction schedule will take into consideration the studentís ability to attend/participate as specified by the licensed physician requesting home/hospital instruction.

Home/Hospital instruction, provided for an exceptional student who is unable to attend school temporarily because of an injury, illness, or health condition, requires a change in the studentís placement to Out-Of-School Environment (OSE) as defined by West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2419, Section 5.1.5.g.E. The change of placement to Out-of-School Environment must be addressed by the studentís IEP team and implemented in accordance with the requirements of West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2419.

Home/Hospital services may also be provided temporarily at the direction of the Superintendent for students who have not met the immunization requirements of WV Code 16-3-4.

Teachers providing homebound instruction shall hold a West Virginia teaching license appropriate for the level of instruction for which the assignment is made.

Instruction will not be provided when:



the instructorís presence in the place of a studentís confinement presents a hazard to his/her health;



a parent of other adult in authority is not at home with the student during the hours of instruction;



the condition of the student is such as to preclude his/her receiving any benefit from such instruction.

West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2510 (126-42-6.2.c.)
West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2419(section 5.1.5.g.E)
18-8-1, Code of West Virginia

Revised 12/9/14

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