Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education requires that class sizes be determined with reference to instructional quality, economy of operation, State laws and policies of the West Virginia Board of Education.

Class size shall meet the following requirements:

 A.Pre-School – no more than twenty (20) students
  Ratios shall be maintained at one (1) adult: ten (10) children with one (1) adult being a certified teacher. Exceptions to the staff/child ratio may cover groups of children who participate in WV Pre-k classrooms and participate in a naptime program. At least one (1) staff member is in the classroom supervising the children. An additional staff member must be readily available at all times.

 B.Kindergarten – no more than twenty (20) students; however, under extraordinary circumstances up to twenty-three (23) students after successful application by the county to the State Superintendent.

 C.Grades 1 through 3 – no more than twenty-five (25).

 D.Grades 4 – 6 no more than twenty-five (25) students; however, under extraordinary circumstances up to twenty-eight (28) students after successful application by the County to the State Superintendent.
  A state-wide exemption is granted for class size up to twenty-eight (28) students in a school with a school-wide teacher-student ratio of twenty-five (25) to one (1) or less.
  In grades 4 through 6, a State-wide exemption is granted for a physical education class for up to twenty-eight (28) students.

E Class size limitations shall not apply to instruction in choral, band, or orchestra.

The Board may only apply for exception to the teacher-student ratio requirements under certain extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances are hereby defined as situations which place unreasonable burdens or hardships on the Board of Education. Extraordinary circumstances include, but are not limited to, situations where:

 A.The number of available classrooms is inadequate and a realignment of school attendance zones will not solve the problem.

 B.Placing children in existing but less crowded classrooms will result in split grades in excess of the allowable number for the County.

 C.Students have been assigned to classrooms and there is an unexpected increase in student population which causes class enrollment to exceed the statutory ratio.

 D.Other catastrophic events occur which are beyond the power of the local board to control such as fire, flood or other damage to existing classroom space or facilities.

Requests for exceptions will be reviewed by the West Virginia Department of Education. Additional information may be solicited and, if necessary, an on-site study may be conducted. The decision to approve or reject exception requests will be made by the State Superintendent of Schools within a reasonable period to time and will be communicated in writing to the County Board of Education.

Each school shall calculate its school wide teacher student ratio so that a determination can be made as to whether or not the County must apply for an exception to the teacher-student ratio policy for that school. Schools shall calculate their school wide teacher-student ratio for grades 1-6 as follows:

 A.Calculate the total net enrollment for grades 1-6.

 B.Calculate the full time teacher equivalents (FTE) for grades 1-6.

 C.Divide the total net enrollment by the total full time teacher equivalents.

No teacher shall be assigned more than three (3) students above the teacher/student ratio. Any kindergarten teacher who has more than twenty (20) students per session and any classroom teacher of grades four through six who has more than twenty-five (25) students shall be paid additional compensation based on the affected classroom teacher’s average daily salary divided by twenty (20) for kindergarten teachers or twenty-five (25) for teachers of grades four through six for every day times the number of additional students enrolled up to the maximum students permitted in the teacher’s classroom. All such additional compensation shall be paid from County funds exclusively.

In grades 7-12, a desired range between the minimum and maximum number of students which teachers shall have in their regular classes shall be determined by the principal.

In determining the maximum number of students, in a class, consideration shall be given to:

 A.subject matter;

 B.type of instruction;

 C.ability of students;

 D.availability and appropriateness of aides;

 E.use of special facilities and equipment;

 F.size of classroom.

18-5-18a, Code of West Virginia
WV State Board of Education Policy 2442.3 (§ 126-29-1, et seq., Code of State Regulations)