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The Board of Education recognizes a need to provide a pre-kindergarten program to eligible children residing in its District and has obtained approval of its District collaborative plan from the West Virginia Department of Education to operate a preschool program.

A child is eligible for entrance into pre-kindergarten if s/he attains the age of four (4) prior to September 1st of the year s/he is to enroll or whose enrollment is mandated under State and/or Federal law. Three (3) year old children can be included in collaborative classrooms if they meet the eligibility requirements of West Virginia Board of Education policy 2525 or, in a collaborative classroom, the guidelines for enrollment of the collaborative community partner. Because WV Pre-K is designed to prepare children to be successful in kindergarten, children may not be excluded based on developmental delays including toilet training. Children who are five (5) prior to September 1st shall be enrolled in kindergarten, instead of WV Pre-K, unless assessment data can determine kindergarten placement for that child is not in the best interest of the child. A child may remain in the Pre-K classroom for longer than one (1) year if the decision is in the best interest of the child and is based on child assessment data.

The Preschool Program shall be in accordance with West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2525, as may be amended from time to time, and West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2525.15, including any substantive amendments, is incorporated herein by reference.

West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2520.15
West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2525
West Virginia State Code 18-5-44

Revised 4/4/17

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