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The West Virginia State Board of Education has established an accountability system for West Virginia public schools and an approval process for school systems based on 1) measures of student performance and 2) a system of reviews through which school and school system quality is examined and publicly reported.

It is the intent of the Board of Education to annually attain Full Approval status for the County.

Thus, the Board through the County Superintendent of Schools must exercise leadership and provide appropriate support to accomplish this intent. It is the responsibility of the Board through the Superintendent, to direct, support, and monitor school responsibilities for the accreditation process. The specific responsibilities are:



Develop Understanding of Accreditation Processes. The school system will implement a professional development process. Through this professional development process, principals, teachers, and appropriate stakeholders become knowledgeable of accountability and accreditation processes. The professional development shall advance staff knowledge of accountability measures on which school grading is based, procedures for school accreditation, and effects of school and classroom conditions on student performance.



Establish Local Direction. The Superintendent shall develop and communicate 1) procedures for local implementation of the school accountability and accreditation processes and 2) expectations regarding the improvement of student performance and school quality.



Monitor School Responsibilities: The County Board will monitor individual school implementation of accreditation processes including the following:



Completion of the annual School Monitoring Report according to requirements, including holding schools accountable for compiling the report in a collaborative process and basing responses on the perceptions of the school faculty and LSIC members.



Review and verify the accuracy of the School Monitoring Report.



Ensure school strategic planning processes consider the annual and cyclical feedback provided through the accreditation process.



Ensure that all audit review findings are sufficiently addressed according to the directives and timelines established by the West Virginia Board of Education.



Establish Supports and Expectations that Impact Student Performance. The Board shall implement processes, provide supports, and develop expectations that ensure all schools achieve a C or above and all schools are improving. Those responsibilities are:



Develop instructional leadership skills of principals. Create expectations that all schools are student-centered and learning-focused.



Support school continuous improvement and strategic planning processes as outlined in Section 9 of West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2320 so each school has structures in place for collective self-assessment and goal setting that lead to improved performance.



Implement school-based professional development programs that address the unique needs of staff and students.



Differentiate support and resources to individual schools according to performance grades, ensuring that all students in the school system have equitable opportunities for success.

WV Code 182E-5
West Virginia State Board of Education policy 2320

Revised 12/9/14

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