Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Whenever the following items are used in these bylaws and policies, they shall have the meaning set forth below:


Administrative Guideline


A statement, based on policy, usually written, which outlines and/or describes the means by which a policy should be implemented and which provides for the management cycle of planning, action, and assessment or evaluation.




The Board of Education of the school system.




Rule of the Board for its own governance.


Central Office Administrator


A professional educator employee who implements or supervises one (1) or more aspects of the County’s program and who meets the certification and/or licensing requirements of the State.


Classroom Teacher


A professional educator has the direct instructional or counseling relationship with students and spending the majority of his/her time in this capacity. W.Va. 18A-1-1(b)(1)


Compulsory School Age


Compulsory school attendance shall begin with the school year in which the 6th birthday is reached prior to the first day of September or upon enrolling in a publicly supported kindergarten program and continuing to the sixteenth birthday. . Beginning with the 2011-2012 high school freshman cohort class of students, compulsory attendance continues to the seventeenth birthday. 18-8-1, Code of West Virginia. There are certain statutory exemptions to compulsory attendance set out in 18-8-1.




A political subdivision of the State of West Virginia. The word "county" may be used in conjunction with the words "school system", "Board of Education" or "Superintendent" to specify the particular entity to which a reference is made.




A county school district, system or Board of Education.


Due Process


The safeguards to which a person is entitled in order to protect his/her rights.


Full Board


Authorized number of voting members entitled to govern the County.


Long-Term Substitute


A long-term substitute means a substitute employee who fills a vacant position that the Superintendent expects to extend for at least thirty (30) consecutive days, and is either: (1) listed in the job posting as a long-term substitute position of over thirty (30) days; or (2) listed in a job posting as a regular, full-time position and (a) is not filled by a regular, full-time employee; and (b) is filled by a substitute employee.


For the purposes of WV Code 5-16-2 (eligibility for PEIA benefits), long-term substitute does not include a retired employee hired to fill the vacant position.




This word is used when an action by the Board or its designee is permitted but not required.




Any gathering which is attended by at least a quorum and is open to all of the members of the Board, where deliberation toward a decision regarding the business of the Board is had or where such decision or action is made.


Other Professional Employee


A person from another profession who is properly licensed and is employed to serve the public schools and includes a registered nurse, licensed by the West Virginia board of examiners for registered professional nurses and employed by a county board of education.




The natural, adoptive, or surrogate parents or the party designated by the courts as the legal guardian or custodian of a student. Both parents will be considered to have equal rights unless a court of law decrees otherwise.




A general, written statement by the governing board which defines its expectations or position on a particular matter and authorizes appropriate action that must or may be taken to establish and/or maintain those expectations.




The president of the Board of Education.




The professional educator who as an agent of the Board has responsibility for the supervision, management and control of a school or schools. The major responsibility shall be the general supervision of the school(s) and all school activities involving students, teachers and other school personnel. In policy, capitalization of Principal implies delegation of responsibilities to appropriate staff members.


Professional Educator


A teacher, supervisor, principal, Superintendent or public school librarian; registered professional nurse and employed by a county board, who has, at least, a baccalaureate degree from a nursing program; and includes technology integration specialists or any other person regularly employed for instructional purposes in a public school in this State.


Professional Personnel


Persons who meet the certification and/or licensing requirements of the state and includes the professional educator and other professional employees.


Professional Instructional Personnel


A professional educator whose regular duty is as that of a classroom teacher, librarian, attendance director or school psychologist. A professional educator having both instructional and administrative or other duties shall be included as professional instructional personnel for that ratio of the school day for which s/he is assigned and serves on a regular full-time basis in appropriate instruction, library, attendance, or psychologist duties.


Professional Student Support Personnel


Teachers who are assigned and serve on a regular full-time basis as a properly licensed counselor or school nurse with a bachelor's degree who is licensed by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses. Professional Student Support Personnel shall be considered as professional educators except in determining the allowance for professional educators. They will be included in the calculation of the foundation allowance for current expense, substitute employees, and faculty senates. WV Code 18-9A-2(f); 18-9A-9.


Regular Full-Time Employee


Any person employed by a county board who has a regular position or job throughout his/her employment term, without regard to hours or method of pay.




The mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, parent of spouse, child, grandparents, grandchild, or dependent in the immediate household.


School Personnel


All personnel employed by the Board of Education. They shall be comprised of two (2) categories: professional personnel and service personnel.




The Superintendent of the Board of Education.


Service Personnel


An employee who serves the school or schools in a nonprofessional capacity, including such areas as secretarial, custodial, maintenance, transportation, food service and as aides.




This word is used when an action by the Board or its designee is required. (The word "will" or "must" signifies a required action.)




A person who is officially enrolled in a school or program of the County.




The chief operating officer of the County School System and Secretary to the Board. In policy, capitalization of Superintendent implies delegation of responsibilities to appropriate staff members.




A teacher, supervisor, principal, Superintendent, public school librarian; or any other person regularly employed for instructional purposes in a public school in this State.




This word is used to describe the learning material duly adopted and required as standard work for the study of a particular subject. It may be bound and printed with a hard or soft cover, or it may be electronic, e.g., computer software, interactive videodisc, magnetic media, CD ROM, computer courseware, on-line service, electronic medium, or other means of conveying information.




The chief fiscal officer of the Board of Education.




The Vice-President of the Board of Education.




A vote at a meeting of the Board of Education. Board meetings may be held by telephone conference or other electronic means and members may vote by telephone conference, other electronic means or in person.


6-9A-2(4), Code of West Virginia

Citations to West Virginia Statute are noted as WV Code or Code of West Virginia. Citations to Rules of the State Board of Education are noted as C.S.R. or (Code of State Regulations, or WV State Board of Education Policy. Citations to the Federal Register are noted as FR; to the Code of Federal Regulations as C.F.R., and to the United States Code as U.S.C. or U.S.C.A.

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