The School Board of Monroe County
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board shall, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, employ the necessary staff and provide procedures for the operation of a food service program in each school in accordance with the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs and comply with all Federal and State regulations pertaining to the programs.

 A.Food Service Program
  The District recognizes the importance of good nutrition to each studentís educational performance.
  This program shall be operated primarily as a service to students by providing:

  1.attractive, nutritious meals for students; service facilities designed to achieve the maximum in efficiency and cleanliness;

  3.worthwhile learning experiences which will contribute to the emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, and social development of students;

  4.the opportunity for developing in students good eating and social habits;

  5.ala carte items for sale to students that comply with the current USDA Smart Snack Rules and Policy 8550, Competitive Foods.


  1.Administrative Responsibility
   The direct responsibility for supervision and administration of the food service program shall be delegated to a supervisor of county-wide food services who shall provide system-wide coordination and supervision directed toward the most efficient and nutritional operation.

   The principal and local school staff shall have the following responsibilities: comply with Federal and State laws, regulations, and the following Board policies: Policy 5335.01, Food Allergies; Policy 8510, Wellness; Policy 8531, Free and Reduced-Price Meals; Policy 8540, Vending Machines; and Policy 8550, Competitive Food Sales. effect, through classroom instruction and learning experiences outside the classroom, ways to increase the students knowledge of nutrition schedule students to effect the greatest participation in the school food service program

  3.Cafeteria Manager
   The cafeteria manager shall work under the direct supervision of the Superintendent in accordance with Board policy, State law, and other applicable legal requirements.

  4.Other Food Service Personnel
   Additional personnel shall be employed in accordance with established procedures and job classifications.

 C.General Provisions

  1.Availability of Meals
   Students, parents, employees of the Board, Board members, and invited guests are the only persons who may eat in the school cafeteria.

   If available, U.S. Department of Agriculture commodities shall be used in accordance with current U.S.D.A. and applicable State rules and regulations.

   A copy of each school's most recent sanitation inspection report shall be posted in a publicly visible location and on the school and/or District website.

  4.Food Safety
   As required by law, a food safety program based on the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system shall be implemented with the intent of preventing food-borne illnesses. For added safety and security, access to the facility and food stored therein shall be limited to authorized school food service personnel.

  5.No Compete
   Pursuant to Policy 8550, no foods shall be available during school hours that are in violation of the USDA competition foods rule and USDA Smart Snack Rule. The Food Service Department has the right to sell foods to students without competition.

 D.Cost of Meals
  The food service program shall be operated on a nonprofit basis. The price of meals shall be set by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. Food service employees are given a lunch as part of their salary; other adults shall pay the Board-adopted adult sale price.

 E.Eligibility for Meals

  1.National School Lunch Program
   It is the intent of the Board to participate in the National School Lunch Program and to offer free, reduced-price, or paid lunches in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines.

  2.School Breakfast Program
   It is the intent of the Board to participate in the National School Breakfast Program and to offer free, reduced-price, or paid school breakfast meals in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines.
   Further, it is the intent of the Board to offer universal-free school breakfast meals to all students in each elementary, middle, and high school in which eighty percent (80%) or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

   Those persons who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals shall be approved and properly accounted for by the Superintendent in accordance with criteria established by the USDA or other authority.

   The identification of students receiving free or reduced-price meals shall be safeguarded and confidential.

  The Superintendent shall be responsible for the accurate accounting of all commodities, equipment, supplies, and cash in accordance with School District requirements and for making such reports as required.

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Revised 9/23/14

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