Midland Public Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that the school facilities of this District should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property or interfere with the educational program of the schools and is harmonious with the purposes of this District.

Permission to use facilities shall be allowed at the discretion of the District and will be given with the understanding that the user assumes full financial responsibility and liability for actions of attendee, care of equipment, and protection of school property.

District facilities shall be available for the below-listed uses. When there are competing interests for the use of facilities, approval will be given according to the following priorities:

 A.uses directly related to the schools and the operations of the schools (curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular groups i.e., drama clubs, class plays, student groups, and student concerts)

 B.uses by groups affiliated with District activities and those groups whose primary goal is to benefit students (i.e. Parent/Teacher Organization activities, Booster Club activities, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)

 C.meetings of employee associations and organizations

 D.uses of units of government (e.g. election activities)

 E.community organizations or groups of individuals formed for charitable, civic, social, religious, recreational, and/or educational purposes

 F.commercial or for-profit organizations and groups.

Programs and activities of users must be of a nature suitable for a public school, must be lawful and must conform to all of the policies of the District. The use of District grounds and facilities shall not be granted for private social functions or any purpose which is prohibited by law. Groups or persons will not be granted permits when the request is for activities that are in conflict or competition with scheduled District programs or which are not authorized by Board policy.

Should all or any part of the District's community be struck by a disaster, the Board may make District grounds and/or facilities available, for the housing, feeding, and care of victims or potential victims when requested by local, State, or Federal authorities. The Superintendent should meet with the proper authorities to establish a disaster preparedness plan in order to ensure that proper procedures are established to minimize confusion, inefficiency, and disruption of the educational program.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines for the granting of permission to use District facilities including a schedule of fees. Such guidelines are to include the following:

 A.Each user may be required to present evidence of the purchase of organizational liability insurance to the limit prescribed by District administrative guidelines.

 B.Use of school equipment in conjunction with the use of school facilities must be requested specifically in writing, and may be granted by the procedure by which permission to use facilities is granted. The users of school equipment must accept liability for any damage or loss to such equipment that occurs while it is in their use. Where rules so specify, no item of equipment may be used except by a qualified operator.

 C.Users shall be liable financially for damage to the facilities and for proper chaperonage.

No liability shall attach to this District, any employee, officer, or member of this District specifically as a consequence of permitting access to these facilities.

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