The School Board of Miami-Dade County
Bylaws & Policies
Unless a specific policy has been amended and the date the policy was revised is noted at the bottom of that policy, the Bylaws and Policies of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools were adopted on May 11, 2011 and were in effect beginning July 1, 2011.


The School Board may establish citizen advisory committees when there is a definite function to be performed.

 A.The structure, organization, and appointment of an advisory committee shall be appropriate to the assignment or as specified in the policy creating the committee.

 B.Advisory committees shall be encouraged to draw upon a wide variety of resources both inside and outside the School District.

 C.Each committee shall be encouraged to include other local residents and to recommend to the Board the official appointment of any such additional member(s) as the committee may desire.

 D.The Miami-Dade Council of PTAs/PTSAs may appoint a member and an alternate to each committee that is:

  1.specifically created by Board policy and in which each Board member and the Superintendent appoint a member; and,

  2.any other committee as deemed appropriate by the Board.

 E.As required by F.S. Chapter 112, a registered lobbyist, as defined in Policy 8150, Lobbyists, serving on an advisory committee and who holds any employment or contractual relationship that will create a continuing or frequently recurring conflict between his/her private interests and the performance of his/her public duties, must immediately resign from the committee. In addition, a registered lobbyist must abstain from voting or participating on committee recommendations that directly impact a client's interest for which the lobbyist was retained.

 F.Advisory committees shall not have term limits for Board member appointees.

 G.Advisory committees shall allow for the appointment of alternates by Board members. Alternates must be notified of all advisory committee meetings, invited to attend the meetings, and provided with all materials in the same manner as appointed representatives. The alternate shall serve as a voting member of the committee only in the absence of the appointed representative.

 H.Advisory committees shall conduct their meetings in accordance with the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, Newly Revised (Robert’s Rules). Committee members shall be provided appropriate training on parliamentary procedure under Robert’s Rules at least every two (2) years, or as needed or requested. The Board Attorney’s Office shall assign an attorney to serve as parliamentarian for each Board advisory committee governed by this policy.

Criteria for School Board Appointees

Advisory committee members appointed by the Board and individual Board members shall meet the following criteria:

  All appointees shall be permanent Miami-Dade County residents and have reputations for integrity and community service. A member of an advisory committee who ceases to be a Miami-Dade County resident must resign from the committee.

 B.Conflict of Interest
  All advisory committee members must comply with the Code of Ethics of Public Officers and Employees in F.S. Chapter 112, as it applies to employees, and certify in writing that they will comply with applicable ethical guidelines. In addition, the following requirements shall apply.

  1.No person shall be appointed if, at the time of appointment, the person has filed a lawsuit against the Board that is pending and/or a challenge to a Board policy.

  2.Appointees shall not serve on a committee that regulates or monitors their livelihood.

  3.If an appointee qualifies as a candidate for elective political office during the appointed term, the qualification shall be deemed a resignation from the committee.

  4.No person shall be appointed in violation of State or Federal law, or Board policies.

 C.Multiple Appointments
  No person shall be appointed by the Board or an individual Board member to serve simultaneously on more than two (2) advisory committees. A person may be appointed to serve simultaneously on more than two (2) committees if appointed by different Board members.

These requirements apply to Board appointments to all advisory committees unless there are alternate criteria provided in Board policies that establish a specific advisory committee. These requirements, however, do not apply to Board appointments of Board members to District advisory committees.


Expenditure of District funds by an advisory committee shall be made only upon the prior approval of the Superintendent. Supplies, equipment, and personnel from within the School District may be obtained through the appointed staff resource person.


Correspondence between the Board and its committees shall ordinarily be conducted by the Superintendent.

The Superintendent should transmit the contents of any communication or report from a committee to the Board, as appropriate.

Board Authority

The Board shall have the sole power to dissolve any of its advisory committees and shall reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of any committee.

Board members shall have the right to attend and may participate in any District or Board advisory committee.

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Revised 10/19/11
Revised 4/18/12
Revised 11/15/17
Revised 4/25/18

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