The School Board of Miami-Dade County
Bylaws & Policies
Unless a specific policy has been amended and the date the policy was revised is noted at the bottom of that policy, the Bylaws and Policies of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools were adopted on May 11, 2011 and were in effect beginning July 1, 2011.


Any party desiring to donate a building or site improvement shall obtain approval as follows:

 A.Donations of equipment, including playground equipment, shall be approved by the Office of School Facilities before acceptance by the school and shall be installed on a charge-back basis. The school shall consider this cost before accepting donations of equipment. All such donations shall become the sole property of the School Board.

 B.Each school facility construction project, including donated improvements will have their construction plans reviewed, an appropriate permit obtained, and will be inspected in accordance with State Department of Education rules, State statutes, and the Florida Building Code. Additional inspections shall be provided for as defined in administrative directives or as deemed necessary by the building committee for life safety of the building occupants.

 C.All real property accepted by the Board shall be recorded in the financial records and the general fixed assets of the Board at fair market value or a reasonable and equitable estimate of such value on the date of acquisition. The actual cost or estimated equivalent cost of labor and/or materials donated to a capital outlay project shall also be recorded.

F.S. 1003.02, 1013.23