The School Board of Miami-Dade County
Bylaws & Policies
Unless a specific policy has been amended and the date the policy was revised is noted at the bottom of that policy, the Bylaws and Policies of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools were adopted on May 11, 2011 and were in effect beginning July 1, 2011.


The School Board encourages and fosters an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of its business operations and practices. Inherent in this policy is the Boardís commitment to ensuring that the rich tapestry of diversity, inclusion of varying ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives, if collectively recognized, creates cultural value and endorses the Boardís obligation to eliminating perceived, artificial, or actual barriers to business engagement with the District. The Board is committed to fostering an environment in which all businesses are free to participate in business opportunities with the District and flourish without the impediments or barriers of discrimination. 


Discrimination: the unfair or unequal treatment of an individual or group on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, social and family background, linguistic preference, pregnancy, and any other legally prohibited basis, in connection with the solicitation, selection, award and/or performance of contracts or modification of a contract between a vendor or contractor and the Board which contract is paid for, in whole or in part, with Board appropriated funds.

Diversity: a set of conscious practices that involve understanding and appreciating interdependence of humanity, cultures, and the natural environment; practicing mutual respect for qualities and experiences that are different; understanding that diversity includes not only ways of being but also ways of knowing; recognizing that personal, cultural and institutionalized discrimination creates and sustains privileges for some while creating and sustaining disadvantages for others; and building alliances across differences to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

Equity: the guarantee of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all, while striving to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of some groups. The principle of equity acknowledges that there are historically underserved and underrepresented populations and that fairness regarding these unbalanced conditions is needed to assist equality in the provision of effective opportunities to all groups.

Inclusion: the process of enabling the full participation and contribution of all human resources in support of the Boardís mission by eliminating implicit and explicit barriers.


In an effort to create greater business opportunities that advance the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Superintendent or designee shall:

 A.develop additional administrative directives, processes, programs, best practices and procedures, based on compilation and analysis of relevant data, to address any artificial, perceived or actual barrier that may prevent vendors or firms from engaging in business opportunities with the Board, and may include providing preferences and incentives in the contractor and vendor selection processes to the extent allowed by law and Policy 6320.02, Small/Micro and Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Programs; and

 B.annually report on the progress of the administrative directives, processes, programs, best practices, and procedures developed and implemented to create and maintain greater capacity of business opportunities and to promote diversity, equity, transparency, and inclusion in all aspects of the Districtís business operations and practices. This report may be included in the annual report required to be submitted to the Board by the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) pursuant to Policy 6320.02.

Mandatory Staff Training

The Superintendent or designee shall provide mandatory anti-discrimination, diversity, and inclusion training to all District staff involved in any and all District procurement processes, business operations and practices.

Adopted 9/9/15

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