The School Board of Miami-Dade County
Bylaws & Policies
Unless a specific policy has been amended and the date the policy was revised is noted at the bottom of that policy, the Bylaws and Policies of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools were adopted on May 11, 2011 and were in effect beginning July 1, 2011.


A planned program of guidance and counseling shall be an integral part of the District's educational program. This program is outlined in the District's Comprehensive Student Services Program PK - Adult which provides that:

 A.the program is student-centered, and designed to enhance individual uniqueness, an understanding of cultural diversity, and maximum development of student potential;

 B.students will graduate with the competencies to make self-directed, realistic, and responsible decisions and be successful contributors to society; and

 C.a District steering committee is established and includes administrators, staff members, counselors, and/or other clinical resource people, and parents and other members of the community such as the Student Services Advisory Committee.

A program of guidance and counseling shall be offered to all students and shall provide that:

 A.staff members are properly trained and skilled for their roles and perform in ways that comply with their certification and/or licensing and job description as well as with School Board policies and administrative procedures;

 B.outside resource people and agencies are properly certified or licensed to provide services and have a history of effective assistance.

Students and parents should be aware that school personnel must report situations that they determine might involve imminent danger or violations of Federal, State, or local laws.