The School Board of Miami-Dade County
Bylaws & Policies
Unless a specific policy has been amended and the date the policy was revised is noted at the bottom of that policy, the Bylaws and Policies of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools were adopted on May 11, 2011 and were in effect beginning July 1, 2011.


An administrator who wishes to resign shall submit the resignation in writing to the Superintendent. The resignation shall then be submitted to the School Board.

If the Superintendent determines that misconduct by an administrator who holds an educator certificate affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student and the misconduct warrants termination, the administrator may resign or be terminated and the Superintendent must report the misconduct to the Department in the format prescribed by the Department. Policy 8141 provides the procedures for mandatory reporting of alleged misconduct by school administrators to the Florida Department of Education.

Provisions for terminal pay only apply to resignation.

Resignation or retirement shall mean termination of employment by action of the employee and excludes resignation or retirement after a recommendation for dismissal, resignation, or retirement after participation in a work stoppage, job action, or strike, in the absence of specific approval by the Board.

Terminal Pay for Sick Leave

Upon retirement, the daily rate shall be computed by dividing the number of "working days" that year into the annual salary. "Normal retirement" shall mean retirement under any retirement system established by the legislature with full benefits as provided by law. Years of service shall mean creditable years of service under any retirement system of the State of Florida.

Payment for terminal pay in excess of $1,000 will automatically be placed in the Terminal Leave Retirement Program (TLRP), a plan which shelters eligible terminal pay from certain taxation.

Earned Annual Leave Upon Termination, Retirement, or Death

 A.Upon termination or retirement, an employee shall be paid for unused annual leave. Payment shall be at the rate of pay which the employee was paid on the last workday.

 B.Upon the death of an employee, payment of unused annual leave shall be made to the employee's beneficiary, estate, or as provided by law.

 C.No special or advance issuance of checks shall be authorized.

 D.Maximum payment available is sixty (60) days during the employee's tenure.

F.S. 1012.22, 1012.33, 1012.796