Marion County Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Kindergarten Registration

The following guidelines shall be followed for the registration of all kindergarten students.

 A.Children must be five (5) years old on or before August 31st.

 B.Children must be registered by their parent(s) or guardian(s). Guardians must present proper certification of legal guardianship and, when applicable, a parent is to provide a copy of any custody arrangements.
  If a birth certificate is not provided, the parent is to complete Form 5111 F3 and submit with the documentary evidence that is provided. If custody has been established by the courts, a copy of the court order must be provided.

 C.Children transferring from another public or private kindergarten who do not meet the age requirements shall not be admitted.

 D.All registrants shall receive a kindergarten screening as determined by WV State Code and WV State Board policy.

 E.Final class placement will be made by each respective building principal on the basis of the evaluation mentioned below, a review of the student's records when available, and consultation with the appropriate staff members.

 F.Individual classroom assignments will be made by the building principal.

Early Entrance Criteria

  The District shall provide for early admission to kindergarten, providing classroom space is available for qualified students, whose birthday falls between September 1st and September 15th.

  The parent(s) must submit a written request for early entrance screening at least one month prior to the testing deadline identified below in Section C. This written request will be submitted to the Associate Superintendent and shall contain the following information:

  1.Child’s full name

  2.Child’s social security number


  4.Parent(s) full name (both, if applicable)

  5.Mailing address

  6.County of residence

  7.Date of the written request

  8.Daytime phone number, evening phone number, and cell phone number

 C.Selection Procedures
  The evaluation shall be completed as follows:
  Screening will be conducted by a trained Marion County Schools professional staff member as determined by the Director of Special Education. Unless extended by the Director due to demands of the testing schedule, the deadline for screening completion is:

  1.Marion County resident - April 15th

  2.Adjacent county resident - April 15th

  3.Out-of-county family moving into Marion County - July 1st.


The testing battery will consist of the full Bracken Concept Scale, Revised (BBCS-R) and the Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, Fourth Revision (VMI).


A child must score a total test composite concept-age equivalent of five (5) years nine (9) months on the BBCS-R and five (5) years six (6) months on the VMI in order to qualify for early entrance with scores prorated according to the child's concept age on the testing date.


Availability of school-specific classroom space for an early entrance student will be determined in the following rank-ordered sequence:

  1.child of entrance age living within a school's attendance area

  2.child of entrance age living outside a school's attendance area and residing in Marion County (rank ordered by in-county transfer request date)

  3.qualifying early entrance child living within school's attendance area (rank ordered by early entrance request date)

  4.qualifying early entrance child living outside the school's attendance area and residing in Marion County (rank ordered by early entrance request date)

  5.child of entrance age living outside Marion County (rank ordered by out-of-county transfer request date)

  6.qualifying early entrance child living outside Marion County (rank ordered by early entrance request date)

  7.child who missed early entrance qualifying application timelines in Section C.


Upon completion of the evaluation and the decision by the Associate Superintendent, a letter will be sent to the parent(s) to inform them of the decision and, if appropriate, to discuss the results of the evaluation and the nature of the kindergarten.