Manistee Area Schools
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The most substantial payment of public funds for the operation of the School District is that which is made to the employees of the Board of Education for services rendered. To ensure that each person so compensated is validly employed by this District and that the compensation remitted fairly represents the services rendered, this policy is promulgated.

Employment of all District personnel whether by the year, term, month, week, day, or hour in contract, temporary, or substitute form must be approved by the Board.

Each motion of the Board to employ or reemploy a staff member shall include the name of the individual, the position title, and the compensation to be paid as prescribed in a negotiated, collective-bargained agreement, or determined by a wage guideline.

Direct Deposit - Payroll Debit Card

Payment of wages shall be by use of direct deposit or payroll debit card, except as provided otherwise pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement.

Employees' selection between payment by direct deposit or electronic transfer and any subsequent change in election shall be done freely, without intimidation, coercion, or fear of discharge or reprisal for the choice.

The Board shall pay any fees or costs incurred in connection with paying wages or establishing a process for paying wages by direct deposit and payroll debit card.

M.C.L. 408.476

Revised 3/14/12

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