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A person serving as the legal counsel to the School District or otherwise acting as an advisor or consultant to the Board of Education, who believes or has reason to believe that the s/he has a conflict of interest with regard to a contract or other financial transaction that requires the approval of the Board shall disclose the conflict of interest to the Board before the vote on the contract or other financial transaction.

Such a person is presumed to have conflict of interest if the person or his/her family member has financial interest, or a competing financial interest in the contract or other financial transaction under consideration by the Board.

"Family member" means a person's spouse or spouse's sibling or child; a person's sibling or sibling's spouse or child; a person's child or child's spouse; or a person's parent or parent's spouse; and includes these relationships as created by adoption or marriage.

Having a child in the District does not alone constitute a conflict of interest or financial interest in a contract or other financial transaction of the School District.

See Bylaw 0144.3

M.C.L. 380.1203

Adopted 4/9/14

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