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Before beginning construction of a new school building, or an addition, repair or renovation of an existing school building, except emergency repairs, the Board of Education, shall obtain competitive bids on all the material and labor required for the complete construction of a proposed new building or addition to or repair or renovation of an existing school building which exceeds the State statutory limit ($20,959 for 2009).

This policy does not apply to buildings, renovations, or repairs costing less than the statutory limit or to repair work normally performed by District employees.

The Board shall advertise for the bids required under subsection:



By placing an advertisement for bids at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the building or addition is to be constructed or where the repair or renovation of an existing building is to take place and by posting an advertisement for bids for at least two (2) weeks on the Department of Management and Budget website on a page on the website maintained for this purpose or on a website maintained by a school organization and designated by the Department of Management and Budget for this purpose.



By submitting the request for bids for placement on the Michigan Department of Management and Budget's website for school organizations, including a link to the District's website.



The advertisement for bids shall do all of the following:



specify the date and time by which all bids must be received by the Board at a designated location;



state that the Board will not consider or accept a bid received after the date and time specified for bid submission;



identify the time, date, and place of a public meeting at which the Board or its designee will open and read aloud each bid received by the Board by the date and time specified in advertisement;



state that the bid shall be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing any familial relationship that exists between the owner or any employee of the bidder and any member of the Board or the Superintendent of the District. A Board shall not accept a bid that does not include this sworn and notarized disclosure statement.



The Board shall require each bidder for a contract under this policy, to file with the Board security in an amount not less than 1/20 of the amount of the bid conditioned to secure the District from loss or damage by reason of the withdrawal of the bid or by the failure of the bidder to enter a contract for performance, if the bid is accepted by the Board.



The Board shall not open, consider, or accept a bid that the Board receives after the date and time specified for bid submission in the advertisement for bids as described in subsection C of this policy.



At a public meeting identified in the advertisement for bids described in subsection C of this policy, the Board or its designee shall open and read aloud each bid that the Board received at or before the time and date for bid submission specified in the advertisement for bids. The Board may reject any or all bids, and if all bids are rejected, shall readvertise in the manner required by this policy.


The Board may consider and provide a preference to bidders which use a Michigan-based business as the primary contractor and/or which use one (1) or more Michigan-based business(es) as subcontractors.


For purposes of this preference a Michigan-based business means a business that would qualify for a Michigan preference for procurement contracts under M.C.L.A. 18.1268, which requires that the businesses certify that since inception or during the last twelve (12) months it has done one of the following:



have filed a Michigan business tax return showing an allocation of income tax base to Michigan



have filed a Michigan income tax return showing income generated in or attributed to Michigan



withheld Michigan income tax from compensation paid to the bidder's owners and remitted the tax to the Michigan Department of Treasury


This preference shall not apply to any procurement or project using Federal funds, nor shall it be used if it would violate any Federal law or requirements.



The competitive bid threshold amount specified in this policy ($20,959 for 2009) is adjusted each year by multiplying the amount for the immediately preceding year by the percentage by which the average consumer price index for all items for the twelve (12) months ending August 31st of the year in which the adjustment is made differs from that index's average for the twelve (12) months ending on August 31st of the immediately preceding year and adding that product to the maximum amount that applied in the immediately preceding year, rounding to the nearest whole dollar. The current exempt amount must be confirmed with the Michigan Department of Education prior to issuing contracts for construction, renovation, or repair which exceed the amount listed in this policy.

M.C.L.A. 380.1267

Adopted 10/11/06
Revised 2/10/10