Manistee Area Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education places the responsibility of administering the budget, once adopted, with the Superintendent. S/He may consult with the Board when major purchases are considered and shall keep the Board informed as to problems or concerns as the budget is being implemented.

The Superintendent shall be authorized to proceed with making financial commitments, purchases, and other expenditures within limits provided in the budgets, limitations stated in Board policies, and within legal authority expressed in State statutes.

Listings of expenditures, appropriate financial reports, and budget comparison reports shall be submitted to the Board or Board Treasurer to keep members informed as to the status of the budget and overall financial condition of the District.

If, during the fiscal year, it appears to the Superintendent that actual revenues are less than estimated revenues, including the available equity upon which the appropriations from the fund were based, the Superintendent shall present to the Board recommended amendments to the General Appropriations Act that will prevent expenditures from exceeding revenues. Such recommendations shall be in accordance with requirements of the law and provisions of negotiated agreements.

M.C.L.A. 141.436 et seq., 388.1702