Manistee Area Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The annual budgets adopted by the Board of Education represent the Board's position on the allocation of resources required to operate an appropriate system of education. All reasonable means shall be employed by the Board to present and explain that position to all interested parties. The public budget hearings will be conducted in accordance with law.

Each member of the Board and each District administrator shall be sufficiently acquainted with the budgets and their underlying purposes to answer questions from members of the public.

The budgets approved by this Board will be made available to the public in the form and at the places required by law. A simplified form of each budget may also be prepared annually and may be sent to appropriate parties and distributed to each person attending the annual budget hearing.

A simplified budget may include the expenditure in each major category of current expense for the current year and the coming year and a summary of anticipated receipts as well as a brief explanation of significant increases and decreases from the preceding budget.

The final adoption of the proposed annual budgets shall be made by the Board after completion of the public hearing.

M.C.L.A. 141.411 et seq.