Manistee Area Schools
Bylaws & Policies



The Board of Education may assess certain charges to students to cover the costs for extra-curricular and noncredit activities. Such charges might be made for expendable items such as magazines, workbook materials, paperback selections, and laboratory supplies and materials for clubs, independent study or special projects, and as well transportation costs and admission/participation fees for District-sponsored trips and activities.

No student, however, shall be deprived of participation in any mandatory school activity or required curriculum activity due to a lack of financial ability to pay and fees will not be charged for such activities. Extra-curricular activities for which fees will be charged may not be used in determining credit or grades in any course.

A fee shall not exceed the combined cost of the service(s) provided and/or materials used. An accurate accounting of all fees collected and all fees expended shall be provided to the Superintendent or his/her designee for each fee based activity at the conclusion of the activity, along with remission of any fees not expended.


When school property, equipment, or supplies are damaged, lost, or taken by a student, whether in a regular course or extra-curricular offering, a fine will be assessed. The fine will be reasonable, seeking only to compensate the school for the expense or loss incurred.

The late return of borrowed books or materials from the school libraries will be subject to appropriate fines. Failure to pay the fines may result in loss of privileges.

Any fees or fines collected by members of the staff are to be turned in to the Board within twenty-four (24) hours after collection.

Failure to pay fees may result in the withholding of grades and credit. In the event the above course of action does not result in the fee being collected, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to take the student and/or his/her parents to Small Claims Court for collection.

Adopted 3/8/93
Revised 10/23/02
Revised 2/12/05