Manistee Area Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Motorized utility vehicles may be used on school property and/or in conjunction with approved school activities only if operated for the approved purpose and in accordance with AG 5515.01.

All operators must be at least sixteen (16) years of age, licensed to drive a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan.

Prior written permission by the student operatorís parent/guardian and release of liability is required.

All operators must be approved in advance by the Superintendent, the program supervisor, and must be accepted in the Districtís liability insurance program.

Student operators shall only operate utility vehicles at the direction and under the supervision of the approved teacher/activity sponsor/coach.

Operators shall participate in basic safety training for operation of motorized utility vehicles, as prescribed in the administrative guidelines, prior to operating any such vehicle(s). Individuals authorized to operate such utility vehicles may not allow anyone else to use the vehicle (e.g., other students, relatives, friends, etc.). The utility vehicle may only be used for the specific activity and function that has been assigned.

Adopted 2/12/14

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