Manistee Area Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Students who are convicted of criminal conduct which requires their listing on the State's Sexual Offender Registry, shall be prohibited from participating in:



all extracurricular activities;



all in-school activities which deal with younger students, such as tutoring, classroom assistance, coaching, etc.;



after school social activities, such as attendance at school-sponsored clubs, dances, athletic events, musical or theatrical performances, or outside clubs or activities, which meet on school property such as Girl or Boy Scouts, non-school athletics or religious/political groups;



activities as designated in writing by the student's school principal.

Any exceptions to the above exclusions must be approved by the Superintendent.

Any exceptions must be confirmed in writing by the authorizing individual, and must specifically state any requirements for participation, such as parental or adult supervision. The writing shall be provided to the parent, student, principal and Superintendent. Exceptions may be revoked at any time, with cause.

The school principal may also adjust the student's classes and schedule to provide for adequate supervision and student safety during the school day.

Additional restrictions on in-school activity and student contacts may be implemented by the building's principal, with approval from the Superintendent. Such restrictions shall be based on student/school safety and/or maintaining an appropriate educational environment. Restrictions will be in writing and provided to the student, parents/guardian and those staff with a need to know.

Such students shall only be on school premises as necessary for normal instructional purposes, or as permitted under any exceptions granted by the District. Students shall not arrive earlier than necessary and shall leave promptly upon completion of their approved attendance.

M.C.L. 28.721 et al.

Adopted 3/9/11
Revised 3/14/12
Revised 12/11/13

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